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Style Your Own How To Create Your Own Styleware Collection

In today’s society it’s all about customisation, we love having pieces that are true to our individual style, taste and fit in with our lifestyle. And, with our Style Your Own option that’s exactly what’s on offer. A collection of Styleware Nesting Bowls in your choice of colours and sizes that suit you. How does it work? Read on.

What Is Style Your Own?

Style Your Own is the option to create your own Styleware collection from our gorgeous, practical, Australian-made Nesting Bowls in your choice of colourways and sizes. It’s a fun and style-forward way to tailor your Styleware to your personal style, home and lifestyle.


We originally introduced Style Your Own when we launched just over one year ago and after a brief hiatus, we’ve brought it back and it’s even better than ever! Now, Style Your Own is available in all three set sizes – 4 piece, 3 piece, 2 piece – and ALL our beautiful colourways (Blush, Dune, Eucalyptus, Midnight, Salt, Smoke, and Speckle).


How To Style Your Own

Keen to get started but wondering how to choose your colours?

Our colour palette was designed so all the Styleware colours work together. Any combination of colours you choose will complement each other while still showcasing your fabulous individual taste and style. We think of it as our Styleware, your style.


And whichever colourways you choose, our Nesting Bowls are designed to look good and work hard, whether you’re picnicking in a pretty spot in the sunshine, eating leftovers at your desk, or hosting friends or family for a meal at home. Our Nesting Bowls are reusable, stackable, freezer, fridge, microwave* and dishwasher safe.


Looking for additional inspiration before Styling Your Own?

Read on for our founder, Arabella’s, Style Your Own edit.


*Please remove your Nesting Bowl lid before microwaving.



Our Founder’s Style Your Own Edit

How does Styleware’s founder Style Her Own? Well, although it is abundantly clear that Arabella is partial to blush (have you seen our Blush Nesting Bowls?) she is also very taken with tonal neutrals, and she has put together her favourite neutrals edit here. The shades of Dune, Salt and Speckle as seen above work so perfectly together, and paired with the Smoke salad set are a match made in neutral heaven…


Ready to Style Your Own? Start here.