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A Moment With Prudence DeMarchi

This year Styleware has collaborated with Australian artist Prudence DeMarchi on a 2024 Limited Edition packaging series "Just For You". Known for her abstract paintings that vary from fervent strokes of colour to more controlled geometric and organic forms and predominantly working with acrylics on canvas, Prudence is influenced by nature, architecture, design, music and fashion. Passionate about supporting fellow women in small business our founder Arabella jumped at the opportunity to create something special together.

Tell us about ‘Put It Over There’, how it came to life and the inspiration behind the work… 

I love experimenting with negative space and cutting out techniques. I wanted a neutral palette but can’t resist a pop of colour!

Tell us about how you became an artist and how you manage life as a mother as well as a creative and business woman…

I studied a Fine Art and TeAching degree straight after school and ended up teaching in special education for 13 years. When I was on maternity leave for my eldest child 6 years ago, I found myself having more time to paint. I just kept painting and didn’t stop!

The balance is a challenge, trying to be the best mother/ partner/ artist and business owner but I think if you’re passionate about something you just make it work! I do a lot of after hours admin and try to save the daylight hours for painting while the kids are at daycare and school.

What does a regular day look like to you?

My children are both early risers so my day usually starts in the 5’s! I usually exercise in the mornings and then get the kids ready for school. After drop off I come home and spend about half an hour getting my mind into gear and setting a to do list. I’ll do any urgent admin then get stuck into painting. I’m so lucky I have a purpose built studio at my home. It’s great that I can pop a quick load of washing on, prep dinner etc and then get straight back to work! I’m just finding out how short school hours are so I switch off work mode about 3pm and pick it up again after 7 once the kids are asleep.

At Styleware we set out to ‘Make Every Day Any Thing But’. What do you hope people feel when viewing your works?

Oh I just want people to feel happy and special. I appreciate all the support I receive and I hope that when someone has a piece of my art in their home that they smile while they walk past it. I love that many people buy my art as a gift or to mark a special occasion.

What is your favourite Styleware Set, and what are your favourite foods you would like to fill your Nesting Bowls with?

Ohhh I’m loving the Biscotti colour, it’s gorgeous! I personally love to cook and bake as well as entertain so these would be incredibly handy. I try to prep a couple of days worth of summer salads with mango, coconut and avocado for lunch so I would start with that. My husband likes to make his own pasta (his fennel and pancetta sauce is next level good)  so I can imagine they will be very handy for the rare occasion there are leftovers!

I also batch cook for those busy mid week meals so I’d pop one in the freezer with some Spaghetti Bolognaise mince!

What does the future hold for Prudence DeMarchi?

I’m really looking forward to this year. I have an exhibition about to open and I’m going to be releasing a few new ranges of linen and apparel with my art so people can experience it on a whole new level. My youngest starts school next year so I’ll be soaking up as much lovely family time while I can.

Learn more about featured artist Prudence Demarchi here.

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