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Article: Take 5 With Kim Brennan


Take 5 With Kim Brennan


Take 5 With Kim Brennan

We were excited to recently catch up with the uber talented Kim Brennan, Executive Chef at COMO Hotels and Resorts, The State Buildings Perth, and to chat to him about his inspiration for their latest venue and our first stockist, SHOP 1875.

Shop 1875 is a nostalgic corner store serving up sandwiches, salads, snacks and more.

This magical grab and go in the heart of the State buildings serves up elevated everyday refreshments made with only the very best ingredients available. With the fit-out and branding created by Jen Lowe of Perth’s Ohlo Studio, we are digging the retro vibes taking us all the way back to our own childhood locals. 


“Celebrating the taste of nostalgia, we believe that good food does not always require a reinvention of the wheel.”

We sat down to take 5 with Kim



Kim we understand that SHOP 1875 was the brain child of yourself and Steve Scaffidi, Head of Food and Beverage. Tell us a bit more about the inspiration for this chef driven grab and go venue.


“The inspiration was an old school corner store, celebrating the taste of nostalgia. With no fuss treats and everyday refreshments – that’s why we have brought back the classics; vanilla slices, finger buns, Anzac cookies, lollies, etc.”




SHOP 1875 is all about nostalgia and celebrating iconic Australian food from our childhoods. Do you have a poignant memory from your local corner store/milk bar growing up in Bunbury, regional Western Australia?  


“I used to frequent our local deli most afternoons. I would ride my bike down and grab a few lollies, the likes of musk sticks and sherbies, and if I had saved enough pocket money I’d be sure to get a vanilla slice or jam doughnut!”




We are all about sharing and celebrating food both at home and on the go. What is your signature “to-go” dish you impress with at picnics and barbecues? 


“For picnics and BBQs one of my signature and favorite things is a summer tomato salad called Panzanella – a “Tuscan” chopped salad.  I use the best tomatoes I can find, make fresh croutons out of sourdough or focaccia, some shallots, sliced garlic, loads of fresh herbs, I like oregano, parsley and basil, then the best red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, and plenty of sea salt and cracked pepper to top it off.  Croutons soak up all the deliciousness!”


Any favourite seasonal ingredient for Spring and heading into Summer that you and your team are using at Shop 1875? 


“Very shortly you will see all the spring vegetables; including broad beans, fresh peas, asparagus – basically everything green.  I like to then dress these with a salsa verde, or a pesto, loads of fresh herbs work great in a vegetable salad with Risoni or cous cous or even quinoa.”


Lamington or vanilla slice


“Vanilla slice”




Old-school treat you’d bring back if you had the choice


“Cream buns!”


To read more about Kim Brennan click here


We are so pleased to partner with SHOP 1875 as our first Styleware stockist. Head on in to grab your own takeaway Styleware bowl and fill with nostalgic treats that nourish your body and soul.


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