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Article: Notes From The Founder: Styleware Is One!


Notes From The Founder: Styleware Is One!

A year in business and here’s all I’ve learnt along the way.
Hi, Arabella here. It’s been so lovely getting to know so many of you over the last year, and I thought it was time to share a few things about myself and my journey to date. So if you’re interested, here we go.. My grandfather found my name in a story book and suggested it to my mum who loved it immediately. I hail from Perth and grew up amongst three brothers and two sisters, a modern day Brady Bunch, and never a dull moment that’s for sure! I absolutely love (in equal parts) coffee, chardonnay, and roasted brussel sprouts. I was a gymnast and ballerina as a child and still love dancing and barre classes to this day. I have been in the same book club for the last fourteen years (reading and wine at our monthly catch ups with an amazing group of women is a true joy in my life). I have four children, the youngest of whom was born three months after our launch last year—it’s been a busy time to say the least.
Styleware Our First Birthday. Read all about our founder Arabella Selby and what she's learnt in business over the last 12 months.


So how did I get here? An entrepreneur? That was never the plan, and goodness knows I like a plan, just ask my family and friends. Having studied and trained as a dentist, I worked for years with a wonderful team and patients, enjoying my profession but knowing it wasn’t my true calling.  An avid cook (brussel sprouts three ways, anyone?), one day I needed something lovely to store my equally lovely leftovers in. Some time on Dr Google elicited no solutions, which got me wondering: ‘Where are all the functional yet beautiful food storage containers? And is this something that I can remedy?’ 



Far from an overnight success, my husband and I worked on our business baby for several years before launching, but the last 12 months in particular has been a whirlwind of a journey through design, manufacturing, branding and business—to be honest it’s almost hard to believe that it has all happened!  There have been many ups and downs over the last few months and years.Exhilarating highs with our launch, good design award, press features, happy customers, photo shoots and dreams for the future, all with a newborn thrown in!Yet amongst these moments of course there have been many lows, disappointments, fears, resets, delays (ahem, Covid) and good old Imposter Syndrome constantly knocking at the window. Despite this after our first year in business I can honestly say I absolutely love Styleware and what we are creating. My passion for our brand knows no bounds, and I thank my lucky stars to have had so much support and encouragement in turning my dream into a reality.  I wanted to share my story for anyone considering a change of profession, or starting something of their own. For me a sense of shame and waste after all the hard work and study in my chosen profession held me back for a long time. But I’ve come to realise it’s never too late to find that true something which lights you up, and if it has you lying awake at night dreaming of all the possibilities, well the time is now.  



It’s never too late to follow your dreams—as cliché as it may sound—so if you have the passion NOW is the time. I have spoken to many beautiful customers who have been so encouraging about our new business as well as sharing dissatisfaction with their current status quo. My advice? Take the plunge, you only live once. Not possible to dive all the way in? Start that side hustle, action breeds action, and who knows where it might lead!


Don’t let wanting everything to be absolutely perfect delay you (guilty of that for sure). Remember when you take the plunge you’ll definitely make mistakes—we’re all human! Forgive yourself, learn, and move on.


Don’t be afraid to ask for advice along the way. I can’t tell you how many gracious business founders and owners have selflessly shared their knowledge and learnings with us throughout our journey.


Trust your gut. This may seem contrary to the last point, but you know your brand and business best.


When you are able, outsource a) the things that you don’t enjoy, and b) the things that can be done so much better by an expert in the field. You can’t do it all, and you’ll just burn out trying.


Celebrate your achievements. Hey, you are amazing. Look how far you’ve come.  As we move into our second year of business we are so excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. With multiple new products in development we just cannot wait to show you all what we have been working on behind the scenes. Hint? We like curves. Watch this space. As always, thank you for following and supporting our Australian business.
Arabella xx

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