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Article: Mouthwatering Picnic Food


Mouthwatering Picnic Food

Mouthwatering Picnic Food

7 Delicious Picnic Food Ideas For A Stylish Spring Picnic

Spring has finally sprung and picnic season is upon us. And really, is there anything better than enjoying delicious picnic food with friends or family in the beautiful outdoors? Dining in the fresh air really is one of life’s greatest joys. So, what makes for a mouth-watering menu for a gorgeous picnic and importantly, how to store and serve your picnic snacks? Read on for 7 delicious picnic food ideas and how to store and serve your spring picnic food in style.

Words by Lucie Clark

Olives, a perfect picnic food idea, easily and stylishly transported in Styleware Nesting Bowls.
1. Olives  
From baked to marinated to straight up salty, olives any way you like them are a classic, simple picnic food staple. Store them in our super cute XS-sized Nesting Bowl in any colourway you like, snap on the lid and your olives are ready to go.
  Top tip: store and serve green Sicilian olives in our Eucalyptus nesting bowl for a chic tonal green on green look.  

2. Hummus, Crudités & Pita Bread

Dips at a picnic are a must and while chips ‘n’ dip are always an option, why not elevate your picnic nosh with a delicious hummus dip, vibrant vegetable crudités and slices of fresh pita bread? Your tastebuds will thank you. Plus, there’s nothing more Instagram-worthy than a bright pop of vegies, dip and bread served up in our always stylish Nesting Bowls. And if you’re keen to level up your picnic food, make your hummus from scratch with our tasty hummus bowl recipe, find it here .

Which bowl suits which picnic food item:


Hummus-  Our XS Nesting Bowl is the ideal dip container with a snap tight lid that will keep your hummus secure until you’re ready to serve it  

Pita Bread -  Our Small Nesting Bowl if it’s pre-cut or Medium if you’re keeping your pita pieces whole  

Vegetable Crudités -  Our Medium Nesting Bowl      

Dips and crudites are the perfect finger foods for picnic fare.


3. Fresh Rice Paper Spring Rolls


Fresh rice paper spring rolls are a flavour sensation and easy finger food ideal for eating outdoors under sunny spring skies. Make them yourself or make it easy on yourself by buying from your local rice paper roll purveyor.   Store and serve directly from our Medium Nesting Bowl with a side of dipping sauce in our XS Nesting Bowl in your favourite colourway. Need a suggestion? Serve your rice paper rolls in our newest colourway, Speckle, for a serious slice of picnic style.  

4. Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad


Packing a major flavour punch, a Vietnamese chicken noodle salad is a stellar picnic food idea and can be easily stored, transported and served in our Medium Nesting Bowl (try our Smoke or Midnight colourways). Don’t forget to bring your matching pair of Salad Servers for the ultimate in stylish picnicking.    
Entertain outside with a picnic designed to please, using Styleware nesting bowls.


5. Tomato, Watermelon & Strawberry Salad


Fresh air calls for fresh spring flavours and a tomato, watermelon and strawberry salad checks all the boxes for spring picnic food fare. The glorious pinks and reds of this delectable salad look stunning in our Salt Nesting Bowl in Medium.   Find a yummy recipe for tomato, watermelon and strawberry salad, here.    
Muffins stored and served in a snap tight nesting bowl with lid are the ideal picnic food.


6. Chocolate Brownies


Fact: dessert tastes even better in the great outdoors… okay, it’s not an actual fact (that we know of) but if you want to do your own research to test this theory out, we suggest starting with chocolate brownies. Cut them into bite-sized squares and store them in our Blush Medium Nesting Bowl.   Serving suggestion: use your Nesting Bowl lid as a pretty platter for your chocolate brownies.  

7. Chocolate Covered Strawberries


This dessert theory needs thorough research, along with brownies why not add chocolate covered strawberries into your picnic food line-up? Always a crowd-pleaser, store and serve your chocolate covered strawberries in our Salt Large Nesting Bowl. And, if there are any leftovers, snap the lid back on and pop it in the fridge when you get home for a post-picnic treat.  
If you’re new to Styleware, firstly hi! Second, a little about our Nesting Bowls: our Nesting Bowls are reusable, stackable, microwave and dishwasher safe. They’re lightweight, have snap tight lids and are the perfect picnic food container and stylish serving dish rolled into one. Styleware is proudly made in Australia and comes in 7 colourways with 4 functional sizes.        
Finger foods like these proscuitto baguette toasts are easy to share and enjoy whilst picnicking.

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