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Article: Fresh Palette: New Nesting Bowl Colourways


Fresh Palette: New Nesting Bowl Colourways


Dune and Eucalyptus

Our Nesting Bowl Collection has always been the marriage of the practical and aesthetic; the Styleware mantra decreeing that no kitchen should be without both, and our newest limited edition Nesting Bowl colours are proof that every home can have both. 



“Although we are partial to a scandi palette, our latest colour release was inspired much closer to home,” says Styleware Director, Arabella Selby of the newest hues.


Arabella is, of course, referring to the Australian landscape as her inspiration for the soft cream and muted green shades, Eucalyptus and Dune, which have officially joined the Styleware family.



Not only do the microwave-safe nesting bowls make for the perfect reusable food containers and stackable bowls for the home, but the new and limited edition shades will no doubt complement kitchens around Australia as well as the existing Styleware hues—Blush, Midnight, Salt, and Smoke.


“Our new palette was inspired by our beautiful, earthy landscapes. Dreaming of sandy shorelines and the Australian bush we were drawn to the softest of cream and green shades,” says Arabella. “In my own kitchen I love tone on tone pairing. My husband and children make the most delicious Amaretti biscuits that look just beautiful in the Dune bowls which we keep out on our counter until they are all gone (it doesn’t take long!), and you can’t go past a simple green salad, crisp and vibrant against the Eucalyptus backdrop.”



Picture long afternoons spent under the Eucalyptus trees with a picnic blanket for company and our Tomato, Watermelon and Strawberry Salad, and Zucchini, Asparagus and Pea Spring Tart by your side, tucked away and transportable in the Eucalyptus Nesting Bowls. Or, perhaps you’d rather be at the beach, sandy, sun-soaked dunes behind you while you munch on our Nourish Bowl and Citrus And Fennel Salad packed up and kept fresh in the snap-tight Dune Nesting Bowl set.


BPA and phthalate-free like our entire range, these microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher-friendly nesting bowls will slot into any kitchen, no matter your design aesthetic but don’t forget that these new additions to the Styleware palette—Eucalyptus and Dune—are limited edition and won’t hang around for long.


Trust us when we say that these multitasking nesting bowls will make lunch or dinner party prep and leftover clean-up a breeze. That the calming palette will also look good doing it is just the cherry on top.


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