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Article: Best Food Storage Containers

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Best Food Storage Containers


Best Food Storage Containers

You know the drill: you’re packing lunch for the office, storing leftovers from a dinner party or heading out for a picnic (armed with enough food to feed a crowd), but the forecast for the journey ahead is leaky, sticky, messy and wet. That’s right—we’re all familiar with that wave of disappointment, when we reach into our backpacks or open the fridge to find our containers have failed us, their contents swimming alongside the rest of our things.

That’s why we founded Styleware. We’re a one-stop storage solution with a mission to equip kitchens, beach bags and offices—anywhere really! —with lightweight, leakproof, snap-tight containers that are as practical as they are beautiful. We tasked ourselves with perfecting the best food storage containers (ever) and we think we’ve ticked every box: our durable, food-safe, locally made containers come in a range of sizes and hues, are fully recyclable, nest together to save space and can be arranged in custom pairings to suit your needs.

 Need more convincing? Here’s why we crown our food storage containers best-in-class.



The Best Nesting Food Storage Containers

We all know time is precious—so is its bedfellow, space. No matter how many cupboards, shelves and nooks and crannies we unearth in our homes, empty space has the habit of filling up just as soon we’ve discovered it.

 Enter our food storage containers, designed with saving space front of mind. With curved facades and a range of sizes to meet your needs, our food storage containers work double time. How so? Not only do they nest—so you can store away three smaller containers in a large (and ditch odd lids and ill-fitting containers)—they also stack, making light work of organising the fridge.



Dishwasher-Friendly Food Storage Containers

There’s nothing worse than investing in beautiful dishes and storage solutions only to scrape and scrub them raw when they can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher. At Styleware, we’re especially time-savvy and want to optimise the time you spend in the kitchen, so you can get onto other important life things, like hanging out with loved ones or binging shows on Netflix. When you need to clean our food storage containers, pile them in the dishwasher et voilà!



Microwave-Safe Food Storage Containers

Let’s get down to the details. What are our containers made from? All our food storage containers are made from 100 per cent BPA-free and phthalate-free, high-quality, food-grade Polypropylene—in other words, they are heat-safe. Just leave the lid off when heating (it’s dishwasher-safe but not quite close friends with the microwave) and feel free to pop in the freezer too.



Food Storage Container That Snaps And Seals

With our leakproof (and clumsy-proof) food storage containers, no dressing, dip or slippery fruit gets left behind. You can sleep, store and commute easily knowing our lids snap tight to ensure food remains fresh and contained—no unexpected tidepools or soggy picnic blankets. Just be sure when storing runnier consistencies—think dressings or ice cream—to keep your bowl/s upright.



The Best Gifts

It’s hard to know exactly what someone wants, but what about those heaven-sent gifts they didn’t know they needed? All Styleware food storage containers are beautifully packaged (in recyclable packaging, no less), designed in complementary hues from eucalyptus to blush, and make for thoughtful, stylish and practical gifts that will keep on giving for years to come.



The Best For The Planet

Who said takeaways equalled single-use plastic waste? At Styleware, we’re shirking unnecessary waste in favour of environmentally-friendly, durable and recyclable storage alternatives. Our food storage containers are made to love and built to last—but if you do ever decide to move on, rest assured they are 100 per cent recyclable.


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The Best Food Storage Containers For All Occasions

Think your containers belong in the depths of a stuffy drawer, hidden from sight? Think again. Our food storage containers are as versatile as they are practical and beg for display from parties to picnics—let us count the ways you can show them off.



The Work Lunch Container

Our food storage containers have equal pride of place at a dinner party or an office desk. Lightweight, snap-tight and microwave friendly, they are an obvious office staple (and look so chic too).



The Going To A Friend’s House Container

Transporting cakes, salads or mains to friends and gatherings is simple to do in our food storage containers—plus they make stylish presentation on-the-go easy and effortless.



The Perfect Picnic Container

Whether you opt to mix and match palettes, or flip over our containers to style finger food another way, our food storage containers are the ideal accoutrement for a perfect picnic. Why? They’re easily stackable, nestable, transportable, oh—and Instagrammable!


Simple, mouth watering picnic food ideas perfect for sharing and celebrating.


The Pre-Prep Cook Containers

Abandon countless bowls and boards and contain your food prep with ease. Chop vegetables, store lettuce or prepare dips and dressings in advance—our snap-tight lids ensure food stays fresh and delicious when you’re ready to eat or serve.



We’ve made food storage dead simple. Our food storage containers are beautiful-yet-durable, fun but fuss-free, safe to freeze and heat and are gentle on the planet (so you can be too). Deskside spillage and unexpected fridge leaks, begone! Nest them, stack them, style them, then pop in the dishwasher and repeat—and elevate your dinner table or packed lunch simultaneously.


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