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Article: 4 Ways To Make Your Lunch More Sustainable

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4 Ways To Make Your Lunch More Sustainable


4 Ways To Make Your Lunch More Sustainable

Lunchtime guilt is very real; it’s also very avoidable with the right tools at your fingertips. And if you’re eager to prepare and pack more sustainable lunches for yourself, you’re in luck as we’ve been testing and trialling the best ways to make lunchtime more environmentally-friendly, one Nourish Bowl at a time.
Nesting Bowls | 4 Ways To Make Your Lunch More Sustainable | STYLEWARE



1. Be Prepared
Obvious but true nonetheless and will take some willpower on your part. That means finding time on a Sunday afternoon or batch cooking on a Monday evening to prep everything for the week ahead. Being prepared means little chance of waste and little chance of dashing to Sushi Train and having to throw out all that packaging post-meal.  

If you’re stuck for lunchtime inspiration the Styleware Journal has dozens of recipes to get you started, with new ideas from our test kitchen published monthly. 



Winter Warmer Pumpkin Soup Recipe to boost immunity.
Casarecci with Pork Sausage and Ricotta, plus lashings of parmesan, the perfect winter warmer.


2. The Right Tools

Picking the right accoutrements is everything when it comes to lunch; you want reliable, air-tight containers that you can throw in your bag and go. No spillage, no leaking, and no mess.

 Our lightweight Nesting Bowls are perfect accompaniments for such a task, and with multiple sizing options (x-small to large) you can: a) prepare any size meal and b) stack the bowls inside one another when you’re done to make home time that much easier. 

 It’s always a good idea to keep a couple of containers at work too should you skip step one and find yourself buying lunch. With a Nesting Bowl or two on hand, you can get the local salad place to drop your order in your own container (saves on their one-use packaging) or you'll be perfectly equipped to take home that last slice of office cake. 


Styleware reusable nesting bowls in blush, microwave and dishwasher safe, seal tight, stackable, nesting. Designed and made in Australia, available in 4-piece, 2-piece sets and for individual purchase. Make the everyday anything but.


3. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, please

Choosing to eat seasonally is not only a great way to make your lunches more sustainable, as in-season fruit and veges are generally at peak supply and take less resources to get from farm to plate. Better yet, eating seasonally is usually the cheaper option and a great way to mix up what’s on your plate and get a better cross section of nutrients daily.




4. Got Scraps?

Lastly, once you’ve finished lunch if there’s any leftovers (hello: crusts and apple cores) pack everything back up into your container and take it home with you to compost.

This will help reduce your waste but also pull carbon out of the atmosphere. It’s a small step but oh so easy and impactful.




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